Stages of Cooperation:

During the first meeting, we are going to discuss the projections of a flat/house, we decide on your requirements, preferences and budget of the investment/project.

Before starting the cooperation, we prepare an individual contract taking into account all project components. In the contract we determine the range of works, stages and completion date.

We start with making precise measurements marking the existing installations. They include:
  • measurements of all walls, niches, windows, etc.,
  •  electrical measurements: all socks, light switches, lighting points, etc.,
  •  hydraulic measurements: all water supply pipes and sewage fittings,
  •  radiators measurements,
  •  measurements of other elements, e.g. gas boxes, pipe connections, ventilation, etc.,
Additionally, we make a photographic documentation that includes photographs of all rooms and details.

If the property is not put into use or it is not possible to make an inventory, we work with the drawings provided by the Customer. These are: architectural projections, installation projects.

It consists of:

1) Functional project

In case of receiving a functional project from a developer, it is seldom perfect – it often contains numerous mistakes, for example,  too long and dark corridors, door collisions, spaces lacking ergonomics. We start a functional project with adjusting the spaces of the house or flat to the Customer’s needs, presenting 1-2 proposals for the plan of partition walls distribution, with proposed location of bathrooms, kitchen and other rooms.

2) Visualizations

They are photorealistic colour photographs of the designed 3D interiors (JPG files) which allow the customers to see what the designed interior or house will look like before completion of all works.

3) Technical documentation

These are all projections, cross-sections necessary to implement the investment according to the project design.
Technical documentation consists of:

  • Measurements of all walls and details,
  • Distribution of electrical installation,
  • Distribution of water and sewage fittings,
  • Floor projections including colour and materials
  • Projections of each walls including colour and materials,
  • Distribution of furniture, fitted furniture, wardrobes, etc.,
  • Suspended ceilings designs,
  • Fitted kitchen furniture design including household appliances,
  • Set of furniture with external dimensions,
  • Descriptions for contractors accompanying technical drawings
  • A list of all equipment and materials.

It is an offer for customers who want the designer to supervise the progress of works within the investment/project. The main purpose tis to verify works with respect to correspondence to the project documentation and arrangements.

The turnkey project implementation services are for the most demanding customers due to the fact that they involve the supervision of the project on behalf of the investor. At the same time, it is an option ideal for those who, because of different reasons, are not able to participate in the works conducted. The choice of the “Turnkey” option is convenient for a customer who does not have to contact the contractors at all. The investor moves into the fully finished and cleaned flat or house.

Deciding on this kind of service, the Customer can be sure that no mistakes will be made that could disrupt the consistency of the implementation with the arranged design concept and he has a guarantee that all works will be completed on time according to the contract. Apart from this, there is a possibility to introduce some changes by the Architect should any unpredicted problem occur with respect to the works implementation.

The scope of turnkey implementation:

  • Search for stores with equipment and materals available “on the spot” or with the shortest delivery time.
  • Preparation of orders for stores and payments.
  • Arrangements for delivering the equipment (tiles, paints, lightning, furniture, etc.) from shops to the flat/house.
  • Intervention in shifting transports or changing goods if the delivery is not possible due to the producer’s fault.
  • Organization and coordination of works of particular teams of workers (construction workers, electricians, plumbers, tile fitters, painters, carpenters, etc.).
  • Supervision of works according to the project documentation.
  • Coordination and acceptance of works involving doors, wardrobes, kitchen furniture fittings, etc.
  • Acceptance and settlement of works of particular teams of workers.
  • Organization and coordination of the cleaning staff.